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The Unkindest Cut of All: the United Nations’ Betrayal of Women

To the keepers of our upside-down world, the United “nation”: The women of Iran are at the epicenter of a global conflict between women’s freedom and theocratic oppression. Facing down the most repressive and violently anti-woman regime extant in our world, Iranian women have struggled for their rights for the last 31 years. Whether standing … Continue reading

URGENT: New deportation date set for Bita Ghaedi: May 5 2010

URGENT: THE UK HAS RESCHEDULED BITA’S DEPORTATION FOR MAY 5. On MAY 5, there will be an emergency protest at Heathrow to stop Bita Ghaedi’s illegal deportation. Convene outside Boots store to the left of the departures security entrance point on the first floor of Terminal 1 at 3pm. ACTIONS: 1) Make Bita’s case VISIBLE: … Continue reading

Japan Runs Its Own Kahrizak

by Ahmad Fatemi According to the latest news from Jamal Saberi, detained in one of the Japanese political prisoners’ camps, 3 detainees have died in the past few months. The last victim was a Philippine refugee who died on February 22nd. The Japanese government is running its own Kahrizak. What the Japanese government and its … Continue reading

UK continues deportation campaign against Iranian activists: Young pregnant couple

UPDATE MAY 6, 2010: UK Border Agency has given 8 hours of notice before deporting Nadia and Bashir TODAY, 6th May at 13:10, on Baltic Airways Gatwick. Please use the model letter below, or see this site for details on contacting the airline. The UK continues its deportation campaign against Iranian activists, this time a … Continue reading

In Anticipation of May 1: Workers’ Minimal Demands

(Swedish & German translations below) The following demands were issued on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of the February 1979 revolution. Due to the historical importance of these demands, which touch the heart of our revolutions’ most important immediate objectives, we republish them here in anticipation of May 1, International Workers’ Day. In a … Continue reading