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March 31, 2010: Global Day of Action for Jamal Saberi at Japanese Embassy in Washington DC

Photo courtesy of MrZand

by MrZand
I arrived at 12:30 and by 1:00 there were 5 security personnel. Shortly after, Saeed and Majid (WPI) arrived. Great timing since many of the embassy staff were leaving with their cars for lunch. I made sure everyone of them saw our signs! One kind passerby accepted to take a picture of me, when I was by myself. A taxicab driver alerted us that security people are taking pictures of us. Many curious looks from passing cars, and with traffic slowing because of our protest, they would be able to read the signs with time! Another person associated with Kanoon showed up around 2:15.

Below is a photo taken in Japan of Saberi supporters on the Global Day of Action, March 31, 2010
march 31st saberi japan


One thought on “March 31, 2010: Global Day of Action for Jamal Saberi at Japanese Embassy in Washington DC

  1. The benefits of weekday action: Embassy staff! Whoooo! Awesome job, MrZ.

    Posted by Joanne | March 31, 2010, 10:08 pm

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