Event Reports, Solidarity with Refugees

March 28 2010 Event Report: JAPAN! Give Cherry Trees, Not Refugees! FREE JAMAL SABERI – JALAL AMANZADEH NOUEI

Signs at March 28 protest for Jamal Saberi - Jalal Amanzadeh Nouei



Maria Rohaly’s statement: Jamal Saberi is more than just one unlucky case: he represents a larger target for the Islamic Regime.

Joanne Michele’s statement: To JAPAN: “We’re back!” and to UNHCR: “Are you aware of your duties?”

Maria Rohaly with Kevin Scott: Regarding Japan’s excuse for not granting asylum to Saberi: his anti-regime activism and his political party are not “important” enough to cause the Islamic Republic to be interested in harming him.

free jamal!


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