Solidarity with Refugees

Japan: Americans don’t like to buy from human rights abusers



Customer: Hello. I am trying to find a car for my son.

Japanese car dealer: How soon do you intend to buy the car?

Customer: Well it depends.

Japanese car dealer: On what?

Customer: If I can convince him to buy Japanese.

Japanese car dealer: Why wouldn’t he?

Customer: Well you know, he is in politics and Japan is extraditing a human rights activist to Islamic Repulic of Iran perhaps to get a bargain price on oil. If he is sent there he’ll be executed and my son hates to see that.

Japanese car dealer: If you bring him in, he’ll change his mind once he sits in one of our sports cars, young men like to show off their car to girls more than anything else.

Customer: I’ll try. If I do not, you know what the problem is. My guess is he is going to wait to see what Japan does to this guy. You know they all talk on internet, and they all are joining in this fast growing movement to resent Japan’s policy. Perhaps it is a good month for you to take your vacation, because I see there is bad publicity out there and you may not sell well at all. Your boss may know about this, it is everywhere, on TV, internet, papers!!!

Many thanks to the activist who submitted their excellent work on bealf of Saberi for publication.


One thought on “Japan: Americans don’t like to buy from human rights abusers

  1. Japanese people will pay for the crimes of Japanese government

    Posted by anna moradi | March 27, 2010, 6:03 pm

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