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March 21st: Protest in front of Japanese Embassy in Washington DC on behalf of Jamal Saberi

Mission Free Iran will be organizing a protest in front of the Japanese Embassy in Washington DC (2520 Massachusetts Ave NW) on Sunday March 21st at 1pm to demand a halt to the deportation proceedings against Mr. Jamal Saberi, a vocal and long-time activist against the depredations of the Islamic Republic.

RSVP via Facebook

The Islamic Republic will execute Saberi if he sets foot inside the country. The Japanese government knows this very well and yet dares to flout international human rights standards by instigating deportation procedures against him.

Please mark your calendars. More details will be forthcoming shortly.

After you mark your calendars, please go to the following site and find out how to register your disgust with the Japanese government’s reprehensible behavior:

Calling the Japanese Embassy to complain is also a useful approach:
Contact information for all Japanese embassies and consulates worldwide can be found here. Please pick up the phone and make a call. Every little bit of pressure helps.

By halting this action by the Japanese government, which is leagues beneath any accepted standard of human dignity, we can make sure no other government dares to try the same approach.

We encourage you to organize your own protest against the Japanese embassy or consulate-general in your community as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Mission Free Iran

Note: Please see our JAPAN! No Blood for Oil! Campaign page for more resources ~thanks!

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