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March 31, 2010: Global Day of Action for Jamal Saberi at Japanese Embassy in Washington DC

Photo courtesy of MrZand by MrZand I arrived at 12:30 and by 1:00 there were 5 security personnel. Shortly after, Saeed and Majid (WPI) arrived. Great timing since many of the embassy staff were leaving with their cars for lunch. I made sure everyone of them saw our signs! One kind passerby accepted to take … Continue reading

MFI Press Release: Mission Free Iran Stages Third Protest at Japanese Embassy Against Violation of Refugee Law in Saberi Case

(Auszüge auf deutsch) Since the June 2009 elections, the Islamic Republic of Iran continues to detain, torture and execute dissidents at home, while seeking international assistance in capturing and silencing anti-regime activists living abroad. At a time when the Islamic regime is brutally repressing peaceful protesters, journalists, students, and human rights activists within its borders, … Continue reading

Let’s Go, People: Global Day of Action, Wednesday March 31

WEDNESDAY MARCH 31st IS THE GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION FOR JAMAL SABERI (JALAL AMANZADEH NOUEI) WASHINGTON DC: 1-3PM IN FRONT OF THE JAPANESE EMBASSY (2520 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington DC) Please remember: you are fighting to save Jamal, but you are also fighting: — FOR thousands of Iranian and non-Iranian refugees worldwide, & — AGAINST … Continue reading

March 28 2010 Event Report: JAPAN! Give Cherry Trees, Not Refugees! FREE JAMAL SABERI – JALAL AMANZADEH NOUEI

EVENT REPORT STATEMENT TEXTS: — Maria Rohaly’s statement: Jamal Saberi is more than just one unlucky case: he represents a larger target for the Islamic Regime. — Joanne Michele’s statement: To JAPAN: “We’re back!” and to UNHCR: “Are you aware of your duties?” — Maria Rohaly with Kevin Scott: Regarding Japan’s excuse for not granting … Continue reading

Japan: Americans don’t like to buy from human rights abusers

LOCAL ACTIVISM ON BEHALF OF JALAL AMANZADEH NOUEI (JAMAL SABERI): Customer: Hello. I am trying to find a car for my son. Japanese car dealer: How soon do you intend to buy the car? Customer: Well it depends. Japanese car dealer: On what? Customer: If I can convince him to buy Japanese. Japanese car dealer: … Continue reading