Anti regime activists arrested by the Danish police

In a demonstration held by anti-Islamic regime groups in Copenhagen, 11 activists were arrested.

This demonstration was held yesterday February 7th, and in protest against the “blood concert” of the Islamic regime to commemorate the “Fajr decade.” Ten of the arrested activists are members of Worker-communist Party of Iran (WPI). According to our source, Faride Arman, spokeswoman of the WPI in Malmö south of Sweden, is among those arrested.

We condemn this reactionary action of the Danish police. We demand release of all activists immediately. We remind the Danish government that the Islamic regime is an illegal, terrorist entity and does not represent the Iranian people. We consider this a humiliating act of submission committed by the Danish government against all honourable Danish people and a disgusting show of animosity towards the Iranian revolution. We further demand that the Danish government sincerely apologizes to the Iranian and the Danish people for defending this regime of murderers and rapists.

MFI fully supports all legal actions against the Danish police and the government, to free our sisters and brothers, and to defend our right to oppose the regime of Kahrizak and Khavaran.




5 thoughts on “Anti regime activists arrested by the Danish police

  1. You talk about individuals arrested while protesting “against the blood concert of the Islamic regime” as if they stood outside of the concert and demonstrated/protested in a civlized manner. What they did was no legitimate protest they went to the concert and in the middle of it they disrupted the musicians and obstructed their performance with their childish acts which are accesible via Youtube for the interested. They should all be fined or sentenced for their uncivilized behaviour. Claiming to be protesting doesn’t give you the right to do it anywhere and anyhow you wish there are guidelines in every democracy on how a peaceful demonstration should be staged. One cannot attend a concert and then expect to be allowed to demonstrate/protest inside the concert hall that is hightly ignorant and nothing that catches my sympathies.

    Posted by Safe Adel | March 11, 2010, 9:05 pm
  2. forgot one point, if anyone was acting reactionary in fashion it was not the danish police BUT the protestors who protested inside the concert while the concert was PLAYING! and you support these ignoramus!

    Posted by Safe Adel | March 11, 2010, 9:07 pm
  3. Yes Safe! We support those protesters against the Blood concert and the bloody Fajr decade.

    We support all actions by honorable Iranian and non-Iranian people all around the world. 150,000 executed; 100s of 1000s imprisoned; Kahrizaks, Evins, Gohardashts; the street children; stoning and lashing; prostitution and addiction; Kurdistan, Turkman Sahra, Tehran, Tabriz, Baluchistan; gender apartheid; workers living four times under poverty line; a whole nation under barbaric oppression; the wealth of a nation going in the pocket of an Islamic Mafia… all of this delegitimizes the regime of this flock of stray dogs and gives us the legitimacy to get rid of this Islamic regime of rape and murder. We are doing this inside Iran, and outside Iran. Get used to it.


    Posted by missionfreeiran | March 11, 2010, 10:59 pm
  4. Well I saw nothing honorable in what they did, their action was actually dispicably uncivilized. Talk about forgetting all the principles governing democratic interplay as well as the codes of conduct governing demonstrations/protests.

    Your response was soooooo emotional that I do not know how to answer to it. It seems that you think anything is justifiable when tackling the IR even trumping democratic principles. I’m glad to say that in a democratic country (such as Denmark)when people go out of line in their conduct the mere utterance of “150000 executed” or “protest” does not vindicate individuals to act as they please; hence the reason why these “honorable” activists have been detained by the Police. You need to get used to the rule of law!

    Posted by Safe Adel | March 11, 2010, 11:14 pm
  5. Hi, Safe,

    You mention that there is youtube video footage that supports your assertions about this demonstration – will you please post link(s) to the clips so we can see what you are talking about?


    Posted by missionfreeiran | March 12, 2010, 2:13 am

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