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100 Cities – August 28, 2010: Asylum-Seekers in Örebro, Sweden Lead the Way in Saying No! to Stoning in Iran

submitted by Ahmad Fatemi
This protest took place against all odds. There was only a short time to organize, there was a lack of material resources, and there was a lack of police permission.

Nevertheless, these asylum-seekers, hailing from countries throughout the Middle East and who have been awaiting a decision on their legal status for between 2-8 years, produced a very well-organized and well-attended demonstration. They even had to go out to buy additional fabric for people to sign as the first yardage of cloth was immediately filled with signatures! Several well-known politicians also added their names under the demand to stop stoning!

We were especially honored by presence of Åse, a women’s rights activist who is certainly an asset for our future activities in Örebro and Sweden.


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